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The Committee of Public Safety By : Ryan Torrey

The Destruction of the Committee
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          The need for the Terror decreased, so too did Robespierre's power and leadership. Some members of the Convention, fearing for their own lives, ordered the arrest of Robespierre. After a year of executions, many of Robespierre's former political allies decided that they needed to turn Robespierre into a traitor to end the bloodshed and spare their own lives. Robespierre eventually lost his head to the guillotine after the Thermidorian Revolution of 1794. After his execution, no one officially proclaimed the end of the Terror, but the killing gradually subsided. The end of the Terror was starting to form and modern government was being placed. The Republic seemed a reality, an aristocratic conspiracy had subsided, the will to punish traitors decreased. By 1795, the government had passed into the hands of the five-man system for the new order. The new legislature had two chambers, the Council of 500 and the Ancients or in other words, the senate. It as it is now today with our Senate. The Directory tried to preserve the Revolution of 1789, they opposed the restoration of the ancient regime as well as popular democracy. They refused to leave the door open for either the excessive radicalism of the Jacobins. The Directory muddled on until 1799. By this time the French Revolution was over and the French tried to get back to business as usual. Radicalism had been effectively thwarted as well. But France was still at war with the rest of Europe. The leadership began to pass into the hands of generals. One of these generals would seize control of the government in November 1799. And on December 2, 1804, this general, Napoleon Bonaparte, would declare himself Emperor of the French.

             The Committee of Public Safety was destroyed, as it should have been. Without the help of society and realization of power hungry, Robespierre. France would become like Germany had before with a Hitler. It was as if they had a genocide in the 1790’s. Napoleon Bonaparte became the new leader and restored all the damage the committee has caused. The French had a good idea of more people in a government, but not the right people as they have seen. Now citizens have rights and the laws are make living a more peaceful time. Courts no longer need to wait for the final say, because now they are the head of that system. The Industrial Revolution shaped up the French Revolution as the following years had come and France became more modern to the civilized world, surviving "The Reign of Terror."